Destruction of Top O Rock by Mitchell Rashid, witnessed by Ted Elden

I think Mitchell Rashid intentionally damaged Top O Rock (TOR) so he could say it was damaged beyond feasible repair.

My evidence was expressed often to him and listed here below.

Mitchell Rashid is son to Richard Rashid & nephew to Leroy Rashid.

Henry Elden died 17 January 2009.

He designed, built & lived in his TopORock studio since he designed and constructed it about 1966.

After he died, his daughter inherited the Henry Elden trust for the building and land. 
She sold that to Mitchell Rashid, a doctor practicing in near South Charleston Hospital.

        See more of Henry Elden's life & work here:

Ted Elden, Henry's son, continued to live near Top O Rock in his home/ studio called LittleRock.

LittleRock is standing today. Both TopORock and Little Rock were featured on national TV, on the Dream Builders program on the Home & Garden Channel.  Both home/ studios were also featured in national publication Dwell out of San Francisco, Calif.

After Henry died, vandals came to Top O Rock and broke windows, stole the front door and did much mischief over months of destruction.

Ted told Mitchell Rashid of these problems as they occurred.  Ted suggested that Rashid lock the building, replace the missing front door and do other things to inhibit the vandalism.

Rashid specifically told Ted not to get involved.
It seemed obvious to me, Ted Elden, that Rashid was welcoming the vandalism.

He did not come to inspect the many incidents of vandalism. A neighboring friend told me they called the police when they heard people breaking windows.  Yet they learned that the police were specifically told that when anyone reported they could see or hear damage, breaking glass, vandalism at Top O Rock, the police were to ignore the calls.

When Ted was in his front yard one afternoon, he heard breaking windows at Top O Rock 200 feet away.

He went down to witness several teenagers/ high school kids scrambling into their car and fleeing the property.

Ted chased them on foot.  They took a wrong turn at the bottom of Ramu Road (the Top O Rock driveway.)                going left on to the dead end of Goddard Road.

After they turned around, Ted stood in the road to block their departure.  He phoned the police.

When the car returned, Ted blocked their escape.  Several boys ran from the car to get away, but the girl driver remained as it was her parent's car.  Her boy friend also remained.

A policeman came and interviewed the young couple who participated in the vandalism.

The police arrested Ted and put him in jail for about 2 weeks. 
I don't know what they did with the people who had broken Top O Rock windows.

I don't think they were ever charged.  I was never called to witness the people or their events.

Many people were hired and or stated that Top O Rock needed expensive repairs. 
Well after all the welcomed and repeated vandalism, it did need repair.

Ted, his father Henry and our many different companies: architecture firm, photo studio, import business, publish company and computer sales, all those business worked together at Top O Rock for about 43 years.  We has a staff up to about 20 people at different times.

When the building was purchased by Rashid, it was free of vandalism.  It was a functional building for 43 years.  It had housed many different uses, and many at the same time.  It served as the home for Henry Elden, in which he had numerous social functions, symphony after parties, and many public functions. Ted Elden held Truth Seeker conferences drawing up to 35 people at meetings, even bringing people from other states to TOR.

TopORock was a delight and inspirational building to many. 
We had wedding celebrations & receptions there, with 100s of photos shown on our web pages.

TopORock was a beautiful, charming, useful building until it was purchased by Mitchell Rashid who willfully neglected and contributed to its quick demise (unlocked doors, no barrier to block traffic to the building.)

I am unaware of any actions taken against those who did the damage. the vandalism1200.

The heating of Top O Rock was provided by fin copper tube radiation throughout the building at each floor at all window lines. 

I reported to Rashid when this valuable copper piping was being ripped out and removed.
To rip out the copper took great force and made much noisy, heard by neighbors.  It took many hours of labor to steal it all, every floor, each building.

I estimate there was nearly 1,000 foot of copper pipe stolen.  That would have taken several car or truck loads of material, and many hours of banging in the night.  Then hauled it off to sell it to a scrap metal yard - A detective told me it would have been obvious and traceable to whom ever sold or bought the cooper, i.e. you have to identify yourself (name/ driver's license) to the one you sell to, and buyer must maintain a log of purchase activities that a detective or police could inspect.

I think Rashid was intentional to have the building badly damaged so he could tell the public that the building was in such disrepair, that he had to tear it down.  The damage was from his direct action and or inaction.

I could or would have defended the building but Rashid and others might try to capture me as trespasser.
Rachel , a staff reporter from Charleston Gazette-Mail newspaper, accepted Rashid's story (a lie ?) that Rashid was sad when he discovered the damage.  I told Rachel the truth as a witness, instead she accepted and reported the lies Rashid told her.

I lived next door to the building.  I witnessed it's continue damage over a long period. I suggested specific measures Rashid could do to STOP the damage.  He told me to stay out of it and do not watch the building, nor report more vandalism to him.

I think other people could have preserved Top O Rock as a unique and useful building, a gem for the architecture of West Virginia.

It may be true that people get their information from newspapers, as if the papers told the truth.

You don't have to look very long to see that news; newspapers, TV often exaggerated, misrepresented or a distraction from the truth.

People are initially curious but once they read the news, they relax assuming that someone else is taking care of any problem, crime, theft, evil.  The newspapers are controlled.  It is cheaper to hide a story (the truth) then to later try to refute it.  Once the truth is out, it propagates as truth is durable and lies are found out.

Ted Elden has spent all of his last 16 years investigating truth.

I studied 9-11 for 1,500+ hours to see that news & government collude together to keep fundamental truths away from a sleeping public.  Investigate the JFK assassination and see that and 100s of other conspiracies are true, but you will never read the fundamental truths in news as the news is bought and controlled since 1917 as Congressman Oscar Calloway explained in the US Congressional Record.    see    is Ted's main web site.  You have to study subjects to understand what has happened.

Much of what we are taught by school, news, government is a distraction or mis direction to protect those who wish to rule over us.

Just short news articles leave us in assumptions, presumptions not truth.

Moon Landings were faked, No one Died at Sandy Hook.  9-11 - the buildings were pulverized, not a collapse. Truth is very different.  You have to have access to the suppressed information and you have to study hard to understand the truth.  We have been dilled with first impression lies and few have interest, energy or will to research to know truth.

Most people accept news reports so it is easy to keep the lies alive.  Someone profits from the lies.

I've had 465,000 + people/ hits coming thru my web sites as others awaken to realize that news has intentionally deceived them.

It is easier and common to accept what others say, then to actually investigate yourself.

You can know, but you have to see the information that has been suppressed.

I collect & connect people & information.

Ye shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.  John 8:32

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