Some    of    Henry    Elden's    Architectural    Projects   
around    West    Virginia    1960s    -    1990s


     WVIT Vining Library,                                                                         VA Hospital, Huntington,
        best library in the state for 25 years.                                       with Roof Solar Panels for domestic hot water


West Virignia University - Tech, WVIT, Community Tech Center, Auditorium


     WV Building & Loan                                                            Bank of Danville, now Realtor's Office


Prayer Chapel, Jackson's Mill Weston


Coonkskin Park Clubhouse & pool, Charleston


FMC Office Center, So. Charleston                                    Kanawha Charleston, Dewey Kuhns Health Center
                                                                                                     near Chas. Civic Center

Lee Terrace, Charleston