Reflections at Henry Elden's Celebration of Life - Memorial Service

Henry, The CREATIVE GENIUS! - Elaine Shakley

         Henry was only eight when his Father died. His family and my family lived in a small town in Pennsylvania,  Boswell.  WE lived two doors away from each other... His Mother, my Aunt Grace,
thought it would help her son and daughter to move to Johnstown, Pa because they had better schools than Boswell.  My parents and Aunt grace decided to move together to Johnstown and live together.  My grandparents thought it would never work but in fact it helped all of us.  Henry was like a big brother to me. When my baby sister was born, Henry absolutely adored her.  One day Mother could not find the baby.  Henry was 14 at the time.  Here he had taken the baby to the YMCA
around the corner and was asking his friends to give him 25 cents to see the baby!  He was already influencing people at a tender age! 
        When Henry was in High School and studying Latin,  my parents helped him with his home work. I remember seeing him have tears going down his face because he thought the subject was hard.
My parents said "If you want to become something of yourself you must listen to us and try very hard. "  He listened and turned into a creative genius and built this MAGNIFICENT  BUILDING in l969.
He and Evelyn worked together in planning the outside of this unique place.
        My home was designed by an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright.  Wright's buildings were rectangular where Henry's are circular.  This building is so unusual that it should be enjoyed by
many, many people.  It should be a Museum.  Much money is being spent to correct mistakes that have been made.  Money should also be spent on sharing this spectacular and unique creation with the world!  WE have all been blessed to know Henry.  Aunt Grace called him Lambie which describes the son of God who rose from the dead on Easter, the very week-end we celebrated the life of a creative genius, Henry Theodore Elden

Lovingly, Elaine Shakley - relative that grew up in the household with Henry