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Boswell native gained fame for architecture -by Arlene Johns, The Tribune-Democrat [Johnstown Penna.] 11 Feb. '09

City architect Henry Elden dies at 93 [94]- Charleston Daily Mail, 19 Jan. 2009, Monday

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Noted Top-O-Rock architect Elden dies at 94  - Charleston Gazette, 20 Jan '09, Tuesday

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On our last night in Charleston, we visited the home of participant Henry Elden.
As the architect, there were no trees cut down or excavation.
The weather was calm when we visited, but Henry has watched many storms from his living room.

The Charleston Gazette 7.20.2002 Headline: SMILES
To senior Charleston architect Henry Elden, whose exotic studio-home
atop a South Ruffner rock formation was featured in a national television show.

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Eldens sell German Abodia Slide Cabinets Internationally April 1990

Henry Elden - International Traveler Aug 1991

Elden - Rafting Colorado River Oct 1993

Top O Rock, Charleston Classic was - is ahead of it's time Jan. 1999

Don't Slow Me Down Mar 2001

Henry Elden is Charleston Icon March 2002

Top O Rock - it's Conception April 2005

Tuesday April 7, 2009 - Treasures sold at famous Charleston residence

Top O Rock might eventually be put on the market

by Cheryl Caswell   Daily Mail staff