Poems about Henry Elden, by his son Ted Elden


      My Dad

In his youth, Dad lost his Dad

  he was but 6, just a lad.

Since knowing, I've been aware,

  spend time together, as partners, a pair.


In my youth, Dad dropped his mask,

  turned to me & quietly asked,

"Should I be your Dad or Friend ?

  Shocked was I, would query end ?

Dad - just be Dad, I replied 

  in time I learned what he implied.


So for the next years to come,

  I learn that he is lots of fun.

Now alas, in my late years,

  reflecting still, almost in tears,

I realize his courage & wisdom to bless,

  a companion to me - his early quest.

Long time relations wear by authority,

  but friendship, adventure are such a joy.


Decades now, Dad's been my friend,

  we sport & travel to lands end.

co-spirit in venture in all we do,

  encouraged, enthused in all we do. 

Ski Henry, Ski

Sculpts the mountain, down hillside,

  skis aside, silent they slide 

Thru the forest, he carves a trail,

  over hill, & down thru the vale  .

His form & shape, a style his unique,

  bundled in down, his clothes mystique.

No stopping him, he'll long prevail,

  traversing the snowy trail !

















            The Traveler

Travels the world, continents too,

  seeing more than dreamers do.

"We see what we know",

  his adage always on me grows !

What we study, expect to see,

  comes from our world, comes to be.


People & things we study intent,

  surface for us, become evident.

We watch the world it seems,

  see variations of our themes.

What we know not, we don't find.

  they pass our eyes, to them we're blind.


Ever observant, like mother dear,

  with eye of eagle & keen of ear.

Once challenged by our local paper.

  with photo details of local scrapers.

He scurried thru the town,

  noting where photo's found,

And won their contest, as most observant,

  or did he just have much more verve !


Dad is linked to our public shapers,

  shares with them his vision sharper !

Once published they - to see who'd hark,

  photo details of public landmarks.


He grabbed a paper & with sharp eye.

  scan the entablatures of buildings high. 

What e're he does, may win a prize,

  Lord know how hard he tries !






International Traveler

Follow this man

  across our land,

Thru winding WV Hills,

  out of state, to ventures, thrills.


Early travel to Europe, with family,

  German, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy

He shares science, inquiring mind,

  leading me to what I might find.

Taking the world by storm, by tail,

   leads us to look at depth 'n detail


Traverse West Virginia's winding hills,

  Shoot the passes, traverse the hill.


Off to DC - our Capitol's dome,

  there to visit his niece at home.

To New York, he follows the track,

  All aboard, n're look back !

  clackety clack, clackety clack !


Then to Toronto, off to Quebec,

  north he heads making his trek.

He suffer to sit a long night train,

  passing thru barren terrain.


Crosses Canada's vast wilderness,

  mountainous Rockies, on speeding express.

Travels day & night for days on end,

  yearns for companion - time with friend.

  from mountain high his train descends.


Dawn to dusk, his watch introspect,

  travels from home, this lone architect.

Wasteland landscape - changing tapestry,

  flora & fauna - sights of ecstasy.


Ah, how precious is our great land,

  not blemished, not touched,

  nor conquered by man.

How majestic, vast & grand.

  long before the advent of man.

At last to the coast, Vancouver too.

  by bus to Seattle, a change in venue.

In the Seattle he finds - his niece Judy.


Surprise & delight - he's just in time.

  a new grandchild in arms, there he finds 

Judy's Jud, the youngest of two,

  has now begun making his brood !


Ever ready is ole Henry

  his timing & perception, we all envy,

With the camera he's got,

  he always gets the shot.


His precious images are soon sent,

  across the continent, his little present 

To family & friends far & wide,

  to excite with hope - make all eyes wide.


Phone & voice may carry news,

  but Henry always brings images too !

The quality of an idea, will prevail,

  though be sure, it will work entail.



Writer              Traveler          Adventurer

Skier   water & snow            Cycler

Sportsman    Family Man

Architect        Photographer Renaissance Man