PROPOSAL (by Evelyn to Henry)

Oh - true, it does not seem so great a thing -
This love I feel for you. I easily bear
It when you do not call, or seem to care

For several days - and yet Time is on wing
When we're together. True, we do not sling,
As lovers do, at parting - and yet there
Is always sunshine on the bill of fare
When we two meet again, remembering.

And so I say let's marry - what's the loss?
That greater love, no doubt, is for the great
And you and I are only you and I,
It is Leap Year but I'll let you be boss
As soon as I have settled this - our Fate,
Which I am sure will please you if you'll try.


ODE TO THE ELDENS - Alice McLaughlin Merril

I knew a family of four
Who lives in a town in the hills
Not one of then is a bore
Their life with fun is filled.

Mr. E is the family artist
Who designs and photographs with ease
Of these he seers to have the gist
But Heavens! You should hear his sneeze!

Mrs. E is the family decorator
Who reigns over all with serenity
Underneath, though, I did discover
Mr. Kidd's bridge drives her to insanity.

Young Ted is the family amuser
As well as the favorite son
At poetry and playwriting he's no loser
At hunting eggs he can even have fun.

Last there's my friend Barbara
Who is known as the darling daughter
with such a family of four
Who could ask for anything more !
love Alice