Memorabilia - Henry Elden

  w/ wife Evelyn



Dad's swollen lip.

Lord forgive me, but I have to share this story - by son Ted Elden

Last year, about, Dad had a client who came to him to build a hilltop, round glass home on a knoll near Ripley.

Dad & the client talked many hours, then Dad went to visit the site in Ripley.

He finished by telling the guy, "You bring me $ 1000 and we'll talk more about the design."

Then it was quiet a few days, no calls, no visits.

One evening, I went into town and was coming home late for dinner.

I called Dad, but could not reach him. When I did get home, he was wiping up some spilled wine in the living room.
I pitched into help, then realized it was blood, and that he was bleeding.  We talked to find the problem.

He was napping in the living room, heard the phone ring, knew it was his $ 1,000 client and jumped up to get the phone. 
Having arisen too quickly, by the time he got to the marble table, he simply collapsed for unknown period (5 minutes ?)
Then awoke on the floor bleeding with blood on the round marble table.

I guess I confessed that the call was only me, but we got him and the area cleaned up.

Then we shared this story with darling daughter Barbara the next day.

She said, "You get him to the hospital immediately." I did.

They admitted him about 2 am in the afternoon, I stayed with him until about 2 pm,
then I went home for a few hours sleep. He may have remained awake for a few more hours
before he was released, and called me at 6 am for a pick-up.

He later wrote a detailed description of his 18 or so ordeal at the hospital, where
they charged him some $ 1,000s for the check up, they found nothing.

The hospital administrator was so over whelmed at the delays, waiting, and frustrations that Dad had,
that he told Dad - "Wave the charges, you owe nothing."

The power of letter writing !!!!

Dad & I shared may adventures together.
I hope that I was not to hard on him.

He was great encourager, supporter, confidence builder to me when I was young.

I tried to keep him going too.

Some months last year, even on California trip to visit family,
Dad was wheeled around in a wheel chair, as he thought he was old, feeble and that was his only option.

I did not know his limits, but on occasion, took him to the boulevard, old car show,
He wheeled his own wheel chair about 1 1/2 miles.

Soaring like Eagles with a little help from our friends.

A month or so later, when I had him up walking with a cane or walker, we went to Berry Hills Country Club,

We just walked on the roads near the greens. 
Again, I know that Dad walked about 1 1/2 miles, walking this time, with a walker, but no wheel chair.

He was surprised, as was I.

I did not know that he could do that, nor did he.

I tried to be an encourager, as he had been to me in my youth.

Fact is, I must admit, we are each like a kite on a sting.

We soar, stay aloft, fly, only so long as we have encouragement, support, from family or friend.

They are like the string in our life that makes the kite work.

When you let go of the sting, the kite collapses.

When you quit supporting your family, spouse, friend,
they can little fly, soar, excel without your support.