a Tribute to Henry Elden, Architect, Engineer, Top O Rock, Charleston, West Virginia

born 28 May, 1914, died 17 Jan. 2009, 94 years old.     More photos of Henry at bottom        updated 05/30/2009

Top O Rock on sale !

Memorial Service 11 April '09  Photos   Reflections  -  Collectibles from Top O Rock & interior room photos

Truth Seekers met at Top O Rock for 4+ years, now at Kanawha Co. Library, 1st Sunday Monthly 2-4 pm, Visitors Welcome    09/08/2018

 Overview of his life's work & adventures at bottom - click here  H. Eldens Licenses- Awards

yet to post - photo collection of Henry Elden
- his articles, travels, biography, notes of interest.
See photos of his famed Top O Rock, explore & enjoy.

About Elden Architects  Henry designed & built hospitals, post offices, government buildings,
homes, schools, and diverse & exciting projects like Calvary Church in Wheeling,
Chief Logan State Park Lodge, and many more.

Architect/ Engineer, PhD WW II Lieutenant

                Henry / Clint Bryant 1st design team
Top O Rock shown on National TV Images:  Interior  Exterior 

  Top O Rock Studio Reception Setting  82  Lawns Settings 80
Studio Atrium Weddings:
Tara - May '06 30 
 Tonya Oct 29    

Lawn Weddings: Brandy 83   Jennifer 31   Regina 32    Wedding 23 

If you have something to share - send to Ted Elden at Elden@SuddenLink.net

304 344 2335, 2 Ramu Road, Charleston, West Virginia [ 25314 ]

Dad was often in the news, he was popular guy, admired by many.
News was important to him, to know of people & events and to watch for his friends in the news.

 Dad was also a great photographer, which is funny.
Being a photographer is nothing,

Dad would engage and delight people and that he would put on film,

So photos are nothing but a reflection of great times & people.
He was the root cause of much of the joy around him.

 Peace, best to you all.     Photos of Henry    ^ - - - top of page

Top O Rock - a dream of design in nature - amid a 5 acre forest, overlooking Capitol City - River City Skyline


Henry Elden: Designed & built 800+ projects around W. Va., about $ 450 million total value. 
Unique designs for homed, hospitals, post offices, gov. buildings, schools & colleges.

He got national awards for architectural work; like WVIT
Most beautiful, functional library in W. Va. for 25+ years. 

He served on W. Va. Board of Architects 13 years, many terms.
- was WW II Navy Communication office serving in Pacific.
- was a traveler: many times to Europe, developing a import business with associate in Germany. They sailed Baltic Sea.

He: snow skied in Switzerland, Italy, CO, WA, PA, water skied
 W. Va.  He circled US & Canada twice on railroad ! 
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Dad died very peacefully Saturday morning - he was living at my home in his last month. (notes by son Ted Elden)

He spoke to me.  "Thank goodness you are up.  Help me to the toilet."   We got up about 4 am to go to the bathroom, but he just expired in my arms as I was helping him.  Very peaceful.

He lived very well right to the end.  Nice meal the evening before,  Occasional conversations.  He'd been out to visit his friends in homes & nursing homes a few times in weeks before.

He was comfortable living with Ted in last month.  It was very convenient for me to be with him, talk, eat, etc. 
 We had some really nice day trips in his recent month.

Many friends, even near contemporaries, were always glad to see & chat with him.  When I got him on the phone with his friends, he would light up to be the center of curiosity & charm.

He had some funny dreams recently about old architectural projects.   I went to feed him one evening at his home. He said
"No need.  Some ladies from Wyoming County (2 hours away) came to talk to me [Henry] about building a school for them next spring and while they were here they fixed my dinner.

I tried to explain there were no plates lying around in his living room and I did not think that strangers came in to feed him. 
Did he just wake form a dream ?  Was he courting angels ?

He was annoyed that I did not believe him.

We had generally found peace, knowing where we disagreed & leaving that unspoken. We dwelt in the areas where we agreed.

He did stretches with me, tried to eat fruit & healthy food  like me.

Before caring for Dad, I'd never really cared for anyone,
nor paid much attention to human needs like comfort, food, appearance or style.

My dog Grace died in recent years.  I did not realize she died, I only thought she'd drifted into a coma or something. Grace died beside me in my bed.

Then Bozo, my calico cat, broke her leg. She was old. 
I took her for surgery, it was too much for her frail condition. We came home.  Bozo laid in my lap, & died.

So when my father grew quiet and stopped breathing
I could see that he had died.
We had spoken to each other just before.

My pets had taught me the face of death. I had not expected Dad to die, but I recognized it when it came.

Everything is very peaceful here in Charleston. 
Sister Barbara & I are calm about his passing.
Many relatives have called, saying wonderful things.
People from around the city have been calling me to say of their special relationship, memories of Henry. Thanks !
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Dad was active: skiing, travel, construction inspections.  He had a few mishaps, but he just dusted himself off and laughed.

Henry Elden hosted the
Charleston Truth Seekers
in his home for over 3 years.
They found Revelations about 9-11

Thanks for visiting !  web site by his son
Ted Elden, Architect - Photographer

2 Ramu Road, Charleston, West Virginia
Elden@Suddenlink.net    304 344 2335


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