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Round Glass Cliffside Home/ Studio       (1966 to Sept. 2015)

overlooking Capitol & City Skyline & Kanawha River, Charleston, West Virginia

TOR was demolished, destroyed by Mitchell Rashid about 2015

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TOR was primarily steel & glass.        Little Rock is primarily glass & wood, with natural stone walls.


Top O Rock below on left  and below.                              Little Rock below on right- click for more images


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Henry Elden: Designed & built 800+ projects around W. Va., about $ 450 million total value. 

 Top O Rock - Situated on just over 4 acres woodland, the home & studio
has about 10,000 square feet of floor and 10,000 sq. ft of glass walls.
4,000 square feet of living space and 6,000 square feet in large cylinder studio.


Top O Rock shown on National TV

Home & Garden TV, Dream Builder's Program & published nation wide in Parade Magazine & Dwell magazine


Events held at Top o Rock

  Top O Rock Studio Reception Setting  82  Lawns Settings 80
Studio Atrium Weddings:
Tara - May '06 30 
 Tonya Oct 29    

Lawn Weddings: Brandy 83   Jennifer 31   Regina 32

Little Rock is the home - studio of Ted Elden, just beyond TOR.
It has also been featured on the Home & Garden TV & Dwell Magazine.

That land and building is protected by a Land Patent, as recorded at the Kanawha County Courthouse.

Top O Rock is curved in floor plan and composed of many calculated, erected pieces fabricated by W. Va. Steel.
Little Rock is 10 intersecting squares in plan, but has 10 shell shaped undulating roofs.
Each roof section is like a pringle potato chip or a saddle for a horse.
It is primary wood construction, and simple to build, but complex to see & comprehend.

a Tribute to Henry Elden, Architect, Engineer, Top O Rock, Charleston, West Virginia

The Top O Rock structure was demolished by Mitchell Rashid in fall 2015.

Little Rock remains in good repair, a very unique building for all of West Virginia.
It was designed and built by Ted Elden, who like, Top O Rock got his building
featured / broadcast on Home & Garden TV on the Dream Builders program, many times.

This site maintained by Ted Elden , architect retired, who holds the land patent to the Little Rock property.