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10 parabolic, hyperbolic wood roof shells above

2,000 sq. ft open home/ studio designed, built and owned by Ted Elden.

Award wining and or published by W. Va. Chapter of Am. Inst. of Architects.

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I am Ted Elden.  I've written this and many related websites.

I've created many things; buildings, graphics, specialty cabinets, videos, photos, poetry, publications, web sites & more through many different business and hobbies over the decades.  I've received international awards, and been nationally published.

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Little Rock is my home, the building and land are in dispute.

Mitchell Rashid bought and demolished TopORock. He supposedly bought Little Rock

    on courthouse steps i public auction.

That pretends the Land Patent is not in force.  Fraud has no statues of limitations.

I, Ted Elden, long ago established a Land Patent on Little Rock, the land and building.

        A Land Patent is the highest title of land in America.

Deviant actions by tricky people have forced Ted out of his birth right, out of his home.

Those who have done this atrocity are due and owing to restore Ted's property and compensate for Ted's loss of time, work place, productivity general grief and anxiety for years of separation from the accumulation of his life's work.  This is an argument or claim clearly seen by any normal living man.

But credentials, foreign agents and trickery currently keep Ted from living in and using his Little Rock
which he designed, built, established and published architectural gem.